About ‘The Witty Marketer’

Marketer by passion and profession. This blog is repository of my thoughts revolving and evolving around 3Bs – Brands, Businesses and Beings.

Story about ‘The Witty Marketer’

Well, it started in the summer of 2020 when we all got an opportunity to step back, introspect about what we all are chasing in life.

Since childhood, I was fascinated with business of brands and how it impacts our lives. Over the years, the experiences and learnings gained from working across various organisations, categories, regions, countries, books and most importantly people have helped in evolving my thoughts around Brands, Businesses and Beings.

Now, the challenge was, what should I do with these heavy capsules of learnings. Hence instead of imploding with heavy dose, I thought it would be right time to explode (pun intended) and share with you and build on different perspectives together.

The articles, posts, thoughts shared on this blog are as imperfect and random as I am…or as we all are.

That said, people close to me knows that I am genetically incapable of not giving advices, not because I am smarter than you, but because I have committed many mistakes and chose to learn from those.

Have a good read.  See you on the evolved side. Cheers.

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