8 Life lessons from MSD

Its not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow. And the flashbacks will be felt so hard for the times to come.

8 Life learnings from your First Innings:

  1. You are a living example of what books on Management and Leadership teaches.
  2. You demonstrated a very important leadership lesson on being assertive without being arrogant.
  3. Over the years you showed how to take loss and success with same stride and pride On-Field and Off-Field.
  4. You taught us how to shift gears depending on the role one needs to play. From an excellent Individual Contributor (Best Wicketkeeper Batsman) to an authentic Leader (Most successful captain in the world.)
  5. During your stint as captain, you focused on the ‘The Greater Good’. Shifting from creating personal milestones to overall team’s performance.
  6. Leaders create leaders, you demonstrated that, by grooming future leaders in the team by being there, yet taking a back seat ensuring not to create a void post your exit.
  7. You lived up to the DNA of Cricket being a Gentlemen’s game. (Dhoni Review System – DRS)
  8. Lastly, your life journey is full of dedication, discipline and humbleness which is an inspiration to millions.

Your absence will still be felt as strongly as your towering presence.

Best of luck for ‘The Second Innings’.

MSD forever.

(Picture Credit: Excerpts from Team India celebrations on world cup win by Times Group.)

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