Game Changer: ‘Service Delivery’


One fundamental aspect that differentiates us from other god-made and man-made (AI bots) species on this planet would be the ability to express compassion.

Organizations tend to invest heavily on ‘Service Infrastructure’ to offer elevated brand experience to its consumers often times forgetting the ‘how’ aspect, which is called ‘Service Delivery’.

The show-stopper is always the ‘how’ part which is, completely dependent on the person actually delivering that service. Getting the ‘how’ right is the most challenging yet rewarding part of the entire brand experience cycle.

Most of the times we keep focusing on the ‘infrastructure’ part which is easy to fix but comes at a price. And that’s why we end up disappointed with some brands despite them providing best ‘Service Infrastructure’.

The crux being, even if you do not have funds to heavily invest in ‘Service Infrastructure’, a delivery of ‘Service with Compassion’ will win you more hearts and customers.

Repeat it consistently and you will build a compassionate Brand.

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Published by The Witty Marketer

Marketer by passion and profession. My life revolves and evolves around 3Bs - Brands, Businesses and Beings.

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