The Future of Networking Sites

In recent years, we have seen sudden increase in the networking sites. Our web is flooded with many social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace etc and professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Yammer, Apnacircle etc

Earlier it was ‘cool’ to have multiple email IDs and footprints on all these sites, but the recent trend in webizens show people’s preference at sticking to one single platform for managing their friends and social activities online. No doubt Facebook has emerged as an undisputed Social Networking Site leader worldwide and coming up with lot of innovative notions to stick to the numero Uno spot.

The recent announcement by Facebook to extend its services by offering mailing address has won kudos everywhere. Well, I personally think this as a smart move and shows that the management has clear picture of positioning themselves as single social service provider for handing social life on internet in near future. Also from logistics point of view, the migration will be much easier as Facebook already has social profiles of millions in their database.

I would definitely prefer having my social profile on one social networking site rather than many, having an email ID on top will complete my social profile on web.

For example with my social profile and network with all friends makes sense.

Similarly on profession front, since LinkedIn is heading on similar tracks of Facebook. I will definitely not mind having a profession ID with my professional profile and network with all professionals (Is LinkedIn listening anyway???). This will complete my professional profile on web.

Lollipop of the story:

  • For Social Network – Social profile and mail communication at 
  • For Professional Network – Professional Profile and mail communication at (Is LinkedIn listening anyway??????)
  • Survival of the fittest – If this becomes true how will yahoo, hotmail, Gmail explain their existence in future???

Do comment and let’s discuss……


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3 thoughts on “The Future of Networking Sites

  1. I liked the logistics part….definitely there is big migration cost when customers have to change the service. Facebook is clearly acting as an bridge between Google and Microsoft technologies….but at same time the cost of bringing all social media websites under one roof need some clever technical strategy because the cost for that is estimated more than the combined GDP of G8 countries….But Facebook has done a massive change in the present Gen X equivalent…Digital youth. Himanshu


  2. Well said Himanshu, the cost factor will be huge considering the current net traffic on various mailing service providers, but the objective is from long term prospective.Today Facebook is looked upon as leader in social Networking and it cant just enjoy that status doing nothing. The announcement to enter in mail service providers category is a clear cut signal of its future plans.For example 'Google', think of the day when they had launched their simple search engine and today. I am sure the future will have many more exciting concepts under its banner name.'Change is the mantra'End of it, its a win-win situation for end users:-)


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